Monday, July 26, 2010

Pitching In

Setting up camp at the Jamboree

Today we got our first e-mail from Gameboy. Hooray for technology! Here's what he wrote:

Hi guys things here are great I got to help put the tents and cook dinner. Wait I should tell you about D.C. The build are amazing. I Got to see the the Library of Congress, The House of Congress, & best of all the Grave of the unknown soilder. that was my favorite . Camp great I tell more about camp in the next email.

Me (P.S. Yes mom I'm Home sick )

From Your crazy,Smart,Weird,Fast brother & Son

Very sweet huh?

We also got another update from his troop leaders:

Well its near bed time, cant ask for a better camp site. We didn't get hot at all during the day of setting up camp. This is because of the trees we have for the shade. As we drove in we saw so many camp sites out in the sun. Couldnt ask for any better location. Great way to spend the last national Jamboree at Ap Hill.... It's going to be a great week. I'll be uploading more pictures throughout the week, and will also be uploading tons of pictures from previous days at D.C when I get back in town next week. All the scouts are doing great, and I'm proud to be a part of such a great troop!

And a few pictures of them setting up. Can't find Gameboy in any of them, so I'm glad we got the e-mail to confirm he is alive.

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golonghorns said...

Sounds like he is having a great time! Love his note!!!