Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Show Time!

Wednesday morning was the big opening ceremonies. Below the scouts are ready to leave from the campsite to the arena. According to the Scout Master's post:
It was an early to rise day with everyone tired from yesterday. The boys were slow to get moving but were able to rest during their short stroll to the arena show, just about 1:45 minutes of walking, give or take an hour.

Headed to the show with just a "few" other troops.

Gameboy siting - white socks by the light pole.
Again from the Scout Master:
The arena show was typical speeches, occasional attempts at humor, some interactive games, and a few demonstrations and songs. In all a pretty neat hour long event stretched into 2 hours without commercial breaks. Miss America gave a motivational speech opening with how glad she was to be here with all us "girls". Oops, can you say canned speech.

What a great way to show off the flag.

The twins hope the rifles aren't loaded.

I want the giant inflatable eagle.
Imagine having to feed all these scouts!
"Drink water or you will die. No, seriously, you will die!" The boys are always quoting this axiom from their scout leaders. Glad to see that they had water for the boys to drink. And if you look if front of the middle pack of water the boy wearing the backpack is Gameboy. Hope he was wearing sunscreen.

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