Saturday, October 25, 2008

With a Name Like Ike Ya Just Knew Someone Was Gonna Get Hit

There are just some names that shouldn't be used for hurricanes. I think Ike should be taken off this list.
Here are a few pictures of Ike's visit to Grandma's house. What a rude guest he was.
There used to be a 17ft carport awning here.

Thank goodness this branch didn't blow into the windows.

Oh, here's where part of the carport awning went to.

Yep, Ike doesn't need to come visit again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tag I'm It

Kathey of From My Window tagged me. Using my Pictures folder, I was supposed to find the fourth picture in the fouth folder, and post it on my blog. Here's what I found.

The funny thing about this photo is that it's in a folder labled "Princess" Bath, but this is a picture of one of Little Misses first baths. Guess I need to relable that folder. :P

Hey Go Longhorns, did you see that you were tagged too?

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Boys Get It Wright

Last Saturday the boys had a really neat opportunity with their Cub Scout pack. They have a really great Cub Master who tries to have at least one outing a month. At one of the local municipal airports there is a group that has free airplane rides for youth once a month. There were different types of general aviation aircraft, including kit-built and commercial aircraft that they boys could see up close. Then they had the chance to go for a ride in one of the planes and get Young Eagle Certificates. Daddy went with them, as he is the Bear Den Leader, and took lots of good pictures and video.

Ar Force One - the World War II Era plane the boys flew in.
Checking out their wings.

Getting ready for take off.

Taxiing out to the runway.
Game Boy actually got to taxi the plane for a little bit. Cool stuff!
Here are some videos of the boys taxiing out and taking off.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Please Draw Only on Paper

Little Miss is becoming quite the artist. She loves draw on anything, especially the hallway walls.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Eat your Rootbeer Float

Some people are true foodies. They make fabulous creations. They take fantastic pictures of the cooking process. People follow their blogs just to see what their next great creation will be. Like my wonderful blogger friend Chocolatechic.

Me, I'm just a simple girl. Every so often though I find a recipe that is so simple but so fabulous. This is my favorite super simple cake. It's even easier than Dump Cake. So let's make...

Rootbeer Float Cake

The cast of characters: boxed white cake mix, oil, egg whites, rootbeer.

Pour the cake mix in your bowl.

Add oil and egg whites according to the box mix directions.

Now for the magic -
add the rootbeer in place of the water called for on the box mix.

Blend according to the box mix directions.

Normally I would make this as a 9x13 sheet cake, great for potlucks,
or as a layer cake. This time though I was taking these as a dessert for
a Relief Society activity at church. So I thought I would try making
them as mini cupcakes.
Bake in oven according to box mix directions.

Aren't they cute? They need to cool completely.
So while they are cooling let's make some really yummy frosting.

Cast of characters: Dream Whip, rootbeer.

Mix according to package directions replacing milk with rootbeer.
It's best to chill the rootbeer and if you want the beaters and bowl.
Then frost and place in freezer to chill. After all this is rootbeer float cake.

Serve chilled! Yum!
A few extra notes. Use a good quality rootbeer, we love IBC. The stronger the flavor of the rootbeer the better you can taste the rootbeer in the cake. Chilling really brings out the flavor. And if rootbeer isn't your "cup of tea" you can use any flavor of soda you like. I love making this recipe with Stewart's Orange and Cream soda. I'm thinking of trying it with Stewart's Key Lime soda. Enjoy!