Saturday, July 24, 2010

Having a Capital Time

You just have to love technology. Thanks to Facebook Gameboy's Scout troop has been uploading pictures and letting us be a part of their travels.

Is that my son? Wasn't he supposed to be sleeping on the over night bus ride?

Ah, Union Station in Washington DC, were could we be going?

Why it's the United States Capital.

"Now if you direct your attention to the ceiling"

Most of the other troops from Middle Tennessee went on a tour of the White House. There were not enough slots for all the boys though, so Troop 1834 decided to do something different rather than splitting up their troop.
With the help of a Bi-partisan coalition of Tennessee lawmakers the boys were able to have lunch in a private members only Congressional dinning room and a behind the scenes tour of the Library of Congress. How cool is that?

I wonder if that is the Annoying Orange?

And of course at the end of any busy day you need to go for a swim. I'm not sure which one is Gameboy. Can't wait to see what's next.