Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little Miss Maple

Announcing the newest member of our family!
My niece, codename - Maple.
Why Maple you ask? Well, she was made in Canada with American parts.
Mom and baby are doing great.
Just wish I could be there to snuggle her.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

God Willing and the Creek, Er Lake Don't Rise

After having been through the flood here in Nashville, I have a new understanding of the meaning of the saying "God willing and the creek don't rise." I thought that I'd show you what happens when the creek rises.

This is the sewage pumping station near our home. It sits on one side of the road and Piercy Priest Lake is on the other side (or at least that is how it is suppose to be). I took these photos about a week after the flood. As you can see, the lake decided to come visit the sewage pumping plant. Luckily it didn't do this by coming up over the road...

This is a view of the lake. I have never seen the water even touching the trees that you see sticking out into the lake. As a matter of fact, there is usually about another eight feet of shore that sticks out into the lake. It is pretty common to see people standing out there fishing. And again this is after a week of waters receeding.

This is the colvert that connects the lake to the small creek on the other side of the road. So you can see how the lake kept from going over the road, just barely. At the height of the flooding, the lake was only about a foot from the road.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Murdered by Pirates Is Good

Arrg! t'was them there twins birthday. And shiver me timbers they had them a party. And of course it be that X marked the spot. (Note the pouring rain, this was the weekend before the Nashville Mayday Flood. Who knew a week later you would need a boat to get around?)

It was a battle be twixt the forces of Captain Chris Moody and Captain Calico Josh. Each press-ganged them a crew of stout hearted sea dogs. The first skirmish was to protect yer own cannon ball that be attached by chain to yer leg, while destroying that of the other bilge rats.

The Captains then declared a truce and took some time to enjoy the booty their crews had brought them. Arrg, them be mighty nice bags their Sainted mother got for their gifts.

Then it be back to the battle. What else would pirates be want to do arrg, but to search for treasure. Each crew were made to scuttle like crabs and find three bags of map pieces.

It then be up to me hearties to assemble them the "treasure map" double time or the Captain be making them walk the plank.

And what be the message? "Eat your cake or walk the plank!" (Cartography by Gameboy the Puzzle Master.)
Aye! Eat cake we would, but first there was a ship to scuttle. Gangway!

Shiver Me Timbers! That be a mighty fine looking Jolly Rodger.
Happy Birthday twins!

Just a Little Nutty

A while back I said something in passing about having the boys weed the front flower beds. So Wednesday before last they asked if they could weed instead of starting school first thing. Since I was surfing the net I let them go do some weeding.

After a little bit one of the twins came in to show me a nut that they had found that was starting to sprout.

Then they found one that had a tap root and sapling. Pretty neat stuff. Weeding and a science lesson at the same time. Ahhh, it's just another joy of homeschooling.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

How High's the Water Mamma?

We survived the Nashville Mayday 2010 flood.

Our family was very blessed. We live above the dam on J. Percy Priest Lake. Currently the lake is straining it's banks, the water is easily 10ft higher than normal, but it is nothing compaired to the floods that took over downtown Nashville, Bellview, and Opryland.

Here are links to a couple Youtube videos that give you a sense of the damage.

How High's the Water Mamma


Here Comes the Sun

We had a friend that had to abandon her car on I-24 as the flooding over took them. Then it was almost hit by the building that came floating down the interstate. She is safe, but her car was totaled by flooding.

We had another family at church that had just moved to Nashville. They lost 3 cars and their trailer was flooded. The drywall had to be torn out up to 4ft high.

We are going over to help in the clean up today, pulling out staples and sweeping up. It will be great to be a part of helping.

It has been really annoying that this disaster has gotten so little attention in the national media, but we are Nashville. We are strong independent people who are banding together and serving one another. We will recover, rebuild, and carry on! Nashville I love you.