Monday, July 26, 2010

Game Called on Account of Rain

Day 3 of the trip to DC and Troop 1834 went to visit Arlington National Cemetery. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was something we had talked about in school this year. How neat for Gameboy to go there and see it in person.

Where's my scout? We finally decided he is behind the boy on the left who is standing up, mainly because his best buddy is sitting right there.

So what did they do for the rest of the day? Let's check with his Scout Masters.

"On Sunday we went to Arlington, took a wrong turn and toured Washington some more - then off to Baltimore for a Major League Ball game. Wow - who knew a hot dog and bottle of water could go for $18.99 (mustard extra)! The game ended in the 6th due to a powerful storm. We arrived back to the hotel which had no power. "

"‎5 am and all is well. the power came back on at 2:37 this morning"

Good thing that scouts are used to having to rough it. That might explain why we didn't get any pictures of the boys at the baseball game.

I really loved hearing this last comment from Gameboy's Scout Master.

"A few more comments before boarding the bus - our guys are GREAT! Best troop on this trip. They are on-time or ahead of time. They are courteous. They are calm. They do not get lost. Best Jambo troop I've ever been associated with - and this is my 10th or so. So we press on to the Hill! For the last time. 29 years ago this morning I made my first trip to A.P. Hill."

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