Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day at the Museum

Day two in Washington DC and Troop 1834 was riding the Metro in to downtown. Definitely a new experience for our Scout. I wonder where they could be going?

Why of course, the Smithsonian.

And which part of the Smithsonian do you want to see the most? The Air and Space Museum.

"Beam me up Scotty"
Here is a short summery of the day from one of Gameboy's Scout leaders.

"We traveled by the metro rail, a first for many of the scouts. This method was much preferred over another eventful bus ride. We let the boys break off into their patrols this morning to create their own tours of the Smithsonian institutes and museums.
Believe me when I say it is a testament to our troop when we consistently have everyone show up, on time, at the appointed location...we only wish all the other boys in the other troops were as punctual. After a delay waiting on a few lost souls we made our way out to Dulles airport to the Udvar Hazy center to view an impressive array of aviation and space flight equipment. The afternoon heat was quite bearable in the air conditioned hanger. Another bus ride into town and back with dinner at a mall food court wrapped up the day. Now if they will only go to bed."