Monday, July 21, 2008

Historical Happenings

Yesterday was a very important day in history.
It was the anniversary of the Moon landing!
Oh, yeah, and it was Little Miss’ first birthday!!!

She really enjoyed her birthday dinner.


Her favorite gift was the cell phone that came in her purse.
Mommy made a butterfly cake.

Is that for me?

Mmm, that was good!
Happy Birthday Little Miss!
Things just wouldn't be as fun with out you!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

If You Teach a Boy to Fish...

This morning the boys went fishing with the Cub Scouts. They had to be at the church by 7am, so it was an early morning. This was their first Cub activity in our new ward so they were excited to go.

Bishop Boughton organized the trip. The boys really think he is a lot of fun. He had prizes for the first fish caught, biggest fish caught, most fish caught, and the biggest one that got away. Spaceman was the winner for most fish caught, with three. Here are a few pictures that Bishop sent of the boys fishing.

Spaceman reeling in a catch!
(That's Gameboy in the back ground with his head cut off.)

Cowboy showing off his big mouth fish!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brother Can You Lend Me a Book?

We have always been a library going family, so of course one of our first family trips was to check out our new local library. Let me just say that it was love at first sight. When we pulled into the parking lot we saw that there was a playground right behind the library. How cool is that?

When I met the Head Children’s Librarian and told her that we are Home Educators, (Here in Tennessee it’s “Home Education”, not “Home School”. Don’t we sound smarter already?) She just beamed and said “Then we’re your school library.” I immediately fell in love. She is such a wonderful lady. She had all the kids sign up for the summer reading program. Even with moving and running back and forth to Ohio we managed by the skin of our teeth to finish by last Saturday.

I haven’t told the kids yet, but this October their Pediatrician’s office is moving next door to the library. Talk about location, location, location! Oh and did I mention that two of my favorite grocery stores are just down the street?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can We Go to the Playground?

It's probably the first question I hear most days. "Can we go to the playground?" The kidlets love being able to have such a fun place to play. I love it because it is so close to our apartment. If it weren't for the leaves on the trees I could look out my front window and see the playground.
I'm glad that we do have a good place to play as our back yard is rather sad.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

What's in the Box?

In theory this move was supposed to be easier because Mark's company paid to have movers pack, load, transport, and deliver all of our stuff. And while that part of moving was easier, the unpacking has proved to be very interesting.

After all of our things were packed and on the big moving truck, one of our friends gave us the best moving advice. I will share it now with you; if you ever have movers packing your stuff follow them around and label the boxes yourself. Believe me, you will find your things so much easier and be able to unpack sooo much faster.

Now don't get me wrong. Our movers did a pretty good job. At least in most cases I can tell what room something came from, but not always what's in a box. For instance one box was labeled: Basement linens. I'm expecting to find the extra blankets we always kept to cover up with while watching TV. Instead I found a Mexican blanket I hadn't seen in years and a bunch of misc junk. Another box was labeled Attic books, inside I found a bunch of the boys toys and general junk they had squirrelled away in their room.

All in all though unpacking has gone okay. Most of the boxes are pretty well labeled, so we have found most of the essentials. And it's been a lot like Christmas opening boxes and finding things you forgot you even had. So if y'all will excuse me I gotta go unpack some more boxes, and figure out where I'm putting all these books!

Friday, July 4, 2008

So Here We Are.

So here we are.

It's the 4th of July and I just sent the kidlets to bed a little bit ago.

We have journeyed beyond the great Ohio and found ourselves in a new and enchanting land. We miss so many things about our beloved Ohio, but are really starting to warm to our new home in Nashville, TN.

We got to watch the most awesome fireworks display! Nashville has the 2nd or 3rd best fireworks show in the nation. It totally rocked. And we were only watching over the Internet as one of the local TV stations streamed the show live. Next year we are going to have to try to see it in person.

All the kidlets loved watching the fireworks, but Miss M got the biggest kick out of them. She clapped along with the music, bouncing and singing. She even said, "Firework, I like." She is such a little smarty pants!