Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish

Little Miss had her third birthday and her first birthday party with friends!

For her birthday she had asked for pet fish. So Daddy and Mommy got her a fish tank and three goldfish. Everyone loved looking at the fish and watching them swim.

The other big hit was the bubble blowing machine her siblings gave Little Miss. Turns out that 10 year olds love bubbles. The twins have played with it more than Little Miss has.

Since it was a fishy party we played "catch the fish in the net".

We also caught fish with magnetic fish and fishing poles. It was a dollar store craft I made. Each child got to take their fish and poles home, fun!

Some how we missed getting a picture of the cake. It was a giant goldfish, just like a goldfish cracker. Very cute and yummy! Little Miss thought so.

Happy Birthday baby! I can't believe your such a big girl now.

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golonghorns said...

Awww, wish we could have been there to celebrate. Love you guys!