Friday, July 30, 2010

Toast of the Camp

Hey, two posts in one day - um yeah - don't get used to it. There were some new pictures uploaded so I wanted to post them.

See Gameboy is making toast, hence my catchy post title.

Group photo! (Gameboy - front row on the right)

Anybody want some cake? Love the Jambo logo.

And for fun, now that's the way to get around.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Card Shark

So how is my boy spending his time in camp? Why playing cards, of course. And is it me or do his cheeks look a like sun kissed? Use more sun screen kiddo!

Another day another card game.

Last night Gameboy got to make a call home. And I missed it because I was at the Y with the siblings. Dad got to talk to him though, lucky him.

Gameboy is having the time of his life. His biggest problem is that there is too much to do; the merit badge midway, scuba, ect. Oh what a problem to have.

It's Show Time!

Wednesday morning was the big opening ceremonies. Below the scouts are ready to leave from the campsite to the arena. According to the Scout Master's post:
It was an early to rise day with everyone tired from yesterday. The boys were slow to get moving but were able to rest during their short stroll to the arena show, just about 1:45 minutes of walking, give or take an hour.

Headed to the show with just a "few" other troops.

Gameboy siting - white socks by the light pole.
Again from the Scout Master:
The arena show was typical speeches, occasional attempts at humor, some interactive games, and a few demonstrations and songs. In all a pretty neat hour long event stretched into 2 hours without commercial breaks. Miss America gave a motivational speech opening with how glad she was to be here with all us "girls". Oops, can you say canned speech.

What a great way to show off the flag.

The twins hope the rifles aren't loaded.

I want the giant inflatable eagle.
Imagine having to feed all these scouts!
"Drink water or you will die. No, seriously, you will die!" The boys are always quoting this axiom from their scout leaders. Glad to see that they had water for the boys to drink. And if you look if front of the middle pack of water the boy wearing the backpack is Gameboy. Hope he was wearing sunscreen.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello Mother, Hello Father

Day two of the Jamboree and a few more photos to share. Only major news update is that Gameboy's troop took second place in the Dodge Ball Tournament.

Hey, I want to cook.
Actually in his e-mail to me today he said that he really likes that they get to cook instead of eating at a mess hall. That's my future chef.

Sky divers, how cool is that?

Tent Sweet Tent

Good to see the leaders are on top of things.

These next two are from Sunday.

If you look at the boy's feet in the second row four boys from the left you will see a pair of white socks, that's Gameboy. Too bad you can't see his face.

Nose bleed seats at the baseball game.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Pitching In

Setting up camp at the Jamboree

Today we got our first e-mail from Gameboy. Hooray for technology! Here's what he wrote:

Hi guys things here are great I got to help put the tents and cook dinner. Wait I should tell you about D.C. The build are amazing. I Got to see the the Library of Congress, The House of Congress, & best of all the Grave of the unknown soilder. that was my favorite . Camp great I tell more about camp in the next email.

Me (P.S. Yes mom I'm Home sick )

From Your crazy,Smart,Weird,Fast brother & Son

Very sweet huh?

We also got another update from his troop leaders:

Well its near bed time, cant ask for a better camp site. We didn't get hot at all during the day of setting up camp. This is because of the trees we have for the shade. As we drove in we saw so many camp sites out in the sun. Couldnt ask for any better location. Great way to spend the last national Jamboree at Ap Hill.... It's going to be a great week. I'll be uploading more pictures throughout the week, and will also be uploading tons of pictures from previous days at D.C when I get back in town next week. All the scouts are doing great, and I'm proud to be a part of such a great troop!

And a few pictures of them setting up. Can't find Gameboy in any of them, so I'm glad we got the e-mail to confirm he is alive.

Game Called on Account of Rain

Day 3 of the trip to DC and Troop 1834 went to visit Arlington National Cemetery. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was something we had talked about in school this year. How neat for Gameboy to go there and see it in person.

Where's my scout? We finally decided he is behind the boy on the left who is standing up, mainly because his best buddy is sitting right there.

So what did they do for the rest of the day? Let's check with his Scout Masters.

"On Sunday we went to Arlington, took a wrong turn and toured Washington some more - then off to Baltimore for a Major League Ball game. Wow - who knew a hot dog and bottle of water could go for $18.99 (mustard extra)! The game ended in the 6th due to a powerful storm. We arrived back to the hotel which had no power. "

"‎5 am and all is well. the power came back on at 2:37 this morning"

Good thing that scouts are used to having to rough it. That might explain why we didn't get any pictures of the boys at the baseball game.

I really loved hearing this last comment from Gameboy's Scout Master.

"A few more comments before boarding the bus - our guys are GREAT! Best troop on this trip. They are on-time or ahead of time. They are courteous. They are calm. They do not get lost. Best Jambo troop I've ever been associated with - and this is my 10th or so. So we press on to the Hill! For the last time. 29 years ago this morning I made my first trip to A.P. Hill."

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day at the Museum

Day two in Washington DC and Troop 1834 was riding the Metro in to downtown. Definitely a new experience for our Scout. I wonder where they could be going?

Why of course, the Smithsonian.

And which part of the Smithsonian do you want to see the most? The Air and Space Museum.

"Beam me up Scotty"
Here is a short summery of the day from one of Gameboy's Scout leaders.

"We traveled by the metro rail, a first for many of the scouts. This method was much preferred over another eventful bus ride. We let the boys break off into their patrols this morning to create their own tours of the Smithsonian institutes and museums.
Believe me when I say it is a testament to our troop when we consistently have everyone show up, on time, at the appointed location...we only wish all the other boys in the other troops were as punctual. After a delay waiting on a few lost souls we made our way out to Dulles airport to the Udvar Hazy center to view an impressive array of aviation and space flight equipment. The afternoon heat was quite bearable in the air conditioned hanger. Another bus ride into town and back with dinner at a mall food court wrapped up the day. Now if they will only go to bed."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Having a Capital Time

You just have to love technology. Thanks to Facebook Gameboy's Scout troop has been uploading pictures and letting us be a part of their travels.

Is that my son? Wasn't he supposed to be sleeping on the over night bus ride?

Ah, Union Station in Washington DC, were could we be going?

Why it's the United States Capital.

"Now if you direct your attention to the ceiling"

Most of the other troops from Middle Tennessee went on a tour of the White House. There were not enough slots for all the boys though, so Troop 1834 decided to do something different rather than splitting up their troop.
With the help of a Bi-partisan coalition of Tennessee lawmakers the boys were able to have lunch in a private members only Congressional dinning room and a behind the scenes tour of the Library of Congress. How cool is that?

I wonder if that is the Annoying Orange?

And of course at the end of any busy day you need to go for a swim. I'm not sure which one is Gameboy. Can't wait to see what's next.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

BSA National Jamboree

It's official, tonight we loaded Gameboy on a bus with his Jamboree troop and sent him away for almost two weeks. Hooray and Boo Hoo! Oh the Mama drama. I don't think I'll survive when he leaves on his mission.

Isn't my boy a cutie? (center front row with the black ball cap)

Waiting for luggage tags, before they loaded all the gear. His big duffel for the Jamboree was big enough for his dad to fit in, and yes Mark wanted to stowaway.

Ready to board the bus and start his adventure. Can't wait to find out what happens next!

One Fish, Two Fish, Three Fish

Little Miss had her third birthday and her first birthday party with friends!

For her birthday she had asked for pet fish. So Daddy and Mommy got her a fish tank and three goldfish. Everyone loved looking at the fish and watching them swim.

The other big hit was the bubble blowing machine her siblings gave Little Miss. Turns out that 10 year olds love bubbles. The twins have played with it more than Little Miss has.

Since it was a fishy party we played "catch the fish in the net".

We also caught fish with magnetic fish and fishing poles. It was a dollar store craft I made. Each child got to take their fish and poles home, fun!

Some how we missed getting a picture of the cake. It was a giant goldfish, just like a goldfish cracker. Very cute and yummy! Little Miss thought so.

Happy Birthday baby! I can't believe your such a big girl now.