Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lost in Space

The best part of our trip to Adventure Science Center was the SpaceChase exhibit. All of the big kids had to try the Moonwalker to see what it would be like to walk on the Moon in 1/6 gravity.

Here are our intrepid Moonwalkers!

What? This isn't the Tinkerbell ride? -Princess

I am Ninja Spaceman! -Gameboy

Hey, that was a pretty good rodeo! -Cowboy

Wow, this Nasa training is fun! -Spaceman

There were lots of other fun things. One that the kidlets really liked was an interactive globe. It's called a Tilt a World. "Using a specially designed navigation table, visitors can tilt and twist the surface to explore the Earth. A robust database of satellite imagery allows the visitor to zoom in to find their favorite location or zoom out to get the big picture".

Little Miss liked trying to catch the swirling stars on the floor.

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Kathey said...

I can see why the kids liked it!--K