Friday, August 22, 2008

Little Miss on the move!

Little Miss is very much on the move now. She loves running away from her brothers when they are trying to catch her and keep her out of trouble. It's really cute to watch.

For her first birthday I had wanted to get her the Brilliant Basics™ Stroll-Along Walker™ and Baby’s 1st Doll. Grandma VH bought her the stroller and Grandma VO bought her the doll. She really loves both. Grandma's are so wonderful!

Here she is pushing her stroller.

We named her doll Rosie.
Can you tell that Little Miss put Rosie in the stroller?

It's so fun watching Little Miss and her sister playing dolls together. They are both such sweet little mommies. I love to see Little Miss patting her doll on the back. She is such a sweetie.


Helena said...

So cute! She looks pleased.

golonghorns said...

I can picture Little Miss and Stuntwoman together getting into all kinds of mischief....

Kathey said...

So very sweet. I recently attended a super great workshop in Denver. One of the things they stressed is that children under age 6 learn by observation because that's how their brains are wired. That old saying that "Children Learn What They Live," is really true.

You're doing a great job.

Love, Kathey