Saturday, August 23, 2008

Living with a Gourmet Chef

Okay, maybe that's streching it a bit, but Gameboy really enjoys all parts of cooking, including making a good presentation. When I was unpacking this time instead of putting all the pretty fancy bowls away I decided to keep them out and use them.

There is a song by Zoe Mulford, Elegy (Crystal Glass), that talks about not saving things for just special days.

Glasses may break if you use them every day
You can keep them safe - but what good are they
if they just stay shut up in some chest?
Why wait to use the very best?

So in that spirit we have been using the fancy glass bowls. For lunch last Thursday Gameboy came up with a very creative use for the hobnail milkglass candy dish my Mom had passed on to me.

Yes, those are corndogs.
Don't you think they complement the dish beautifully?
Gameboy and the Princess think so.


Helena said...

LOL! Of course, it's a corn dog platter. Obviously.

Gameboy looks just like his dad there!

JB and Company said...

Yeah, it’s pretty scary. You would think that we were in to cloning or something.

golonghorns said...

Please tell Gameboy his cousin would love to join him for a gourmet corndog! Princess is starting to look all grown up!

Kathey said...

I love it! --K

Julie said...

Perfect corn dog holder!