Saturday, July 19, 2008

If You Teach a Boy to Fish...

This morning the boys went fishing with the Cub Scouts. They had to be at the church by 7am, so it was an early morning. This was their first Cub activity in our new ward so they were excited to go.

Bishop Boughton organized the trip. The boys really think he is a lot of fun. He had prizes for the first fish caught, biggest fish caught, most fish caught, and the biggest one that got away. Spaceman was the winner for most fish caught, with three. Here are a few pictures that Bishop sent of the boys fishing.

Spaceman reeling in a catch!
(That's Gameboy in the back ground with his head cut off.)

Cowboy showing off his big mouth fish!


golonghorns said...

I'm suddenly feeling old. Are you sure they are this grown up... How long has it been since I've seen these punks?

Kathey said...

Wow. I never caught a fish that big. My mom and I used to go fishing when I was little and I loved it.