Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Can We Go to the Playground?

It's probably the first question I hear most days. "Can we go to the playground?" The kidlets love being able to have such a fun place to play. I love it because it is so close to our apartment. If it weren't for the leaves on the trees I could look out my front window and see the playground.
I'm glad that we do have a good place to play as our back yard is rather sad.


Helena said...

That's nice! We have a lovely view of the parking lot from our back door, but there is a nice big grassy area in the middle of the complex, and lots of kids to play with.

Kathey said...

Yay for great playgrounds in close proximity!!

Love, K

golonghorns said...

How funny, my next post was going to be about our playground. Great minds think alike!