Monday, July 21, 2008

Historical Happenings

Yesterday was a very important day in history.
It was the anniversary of the Moon landing!
Oh, yeah, and it was Little Miss’ first birthday!!!

She really enjoyed her birthday dinner.


Her favorite gift was the cell phone that came in her purse.
Mommy made a butterfly cake.

Is that for me?

Mmm, that was good!
Happy Birthday Little Miss!
Things just wouldn't be as fun with out you!


chocolatechic said...

Love the cake....Love the pink and green.

Your girl is a cutie.

Helena said...

She's so cute! Happy Birthday!

golonghorns said...

Happy Birthday! We Love you, Little Miss!!! Woo-hoo pics of neices and nephews. Love the cake, can cousins have some?

Pat VH said...

These pictures are going to my file! It looks like she had a great time. Just think -- a year ago we were on the Yangtze River when she was born!


Kathey said...

What a fun cake. Really cute pictures.

But she can't be that old…!

Liz said...

She's just precious! Your blog is lovely.