Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And So the End (of Another Year) Has Come

Here we are at New Year's Eve and it's time to review another year. We've faced some really big changes in 2008. Nasa Man finished up with his part of the Ohio project and moved on to Tennessee. This meant that he lived in Tennessee during the week and Ohio on the weekend from late April to about August.

In July the kidlets and I officially moved to Tennessee and we got our current apartment. We did spend some time back in Ohio for Cub Scout and Webelos camps, and getting our house ready to be put on the market.

We have really enjoyed being here in the South. We are in a really great Ward and have made lots of friends. Daddy has been able to come home for lunch most days, which is a real treat. We love only being 5 minutes away from his work instead of an hour and a half like we were in Ohio.

The boys enjoyed having the Princess join them in being Home Educated. They all have really grown and blossomed. It has been especially exciting for me to have Princess start reading.

December has been busy for us. We have had the usual Holiday bustle. Visits from Uncle Dan and Aunt Kay, and Grandma and Grandpa Van Hoose added to our fun. We also saw Game Boy make the big transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. (Post about that to follow)

We look forward to a bright and exciting New Year, and hope that the blessed peace and joy of this holy season is your's throughout 2009.

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golonghorns said...

Wow first?!?! Hee hee! Happy New Year. Love you guys! :)