Monday, November 24, 2008

Pictures with Grandma

This year I got smart for Christmas. Normally we get a nice picture of the kidlets to give to the Grandparents. Well, this year I had a stroke of inspiration, why not a picture of the kidlets with their grandparents? Genius! And since we are here in Ohio visiting it's even a plan I can pull off.

So, here's my darling cuties with their Grandma Van Orman.
Grandma loves her girls. Everyone tells her that Princess reminds them of her. They are both very beautiful and strong individuals. Little Miss loves to give her Grandma smiles that remind her of Grandpa Van Orman. Those smiles are very special to her.

Grandma waited quite a while for these handsome boys to show up in her life. She was 71 years old when Gameboy was born. He was her first newborn biological grandchild. All of the boys love spending time with Grandma. I'm so glad that when they were little they got to go over to her house often.
Thanks Mom for being such a good mother to me and teaching me how to be a good mother to them.


Helena said...

Great pictures! (And what cute kids!)

Everyone seems to be listing a bit to starboard in the top and bottom photos. ;)

Anonymous said...

I will make sure Uncle B get to see these pictures of your mom and the kids they sure are getting big. When I can ever figure out how to post on here I will put some pictures of the girls on here and also of the other cousin for you to see. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving, Michelle

golonghorns said...

Hmmm, trying to think of something clever but will just have to say how cute they are. Love you!

feathersky said...

What CUTE photos!!!!!!