Thursday, May 6, 2010

How High's the Water Mamma?

We survived the Nashville Mayday 2010 flood.

Our family was very blessed. We live above the dam on J. Percy Priest Lake. Currently the lake is straining it's banks, the water is easily 10ft higher than normal, but it is nothing compaired to the floods that took over downtown Nashville, Bellview, and Opryland.

Here are links to a couple Youtube videos that give you a sense of the damage.

How High's the Water Mamma


Here Comes the Sun

We had a friend that had to abandon her car on I-24 as the flooding over took them. Then it was almost hit by the building that came floating down the interstate. She is safe, but her car was totaled by flooding.

We had another family at church that had just moved to Nashville. They lost 3 cars and their trailer was flooded. The drywall had to be torn out up to 4ft high.

We are going over to help in the clean up today, pulling out staples and sweeping up. It will be great to be a part of helping.

It has been really annoying that this disaster has gotten so little attention in the national media, but we are Nashville. We are strong independent people who are banding together and serving one another. We will recover, rebuild, and carry on! Nashville I love you.

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