Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Strike a Pose

Two notes at the outset.

1- Yes it's been forever since I've posted. It appears that for me Homeschooling and posting don't mix. I'll try to work on this.

2- Photo heavy post alert. For our Christmas present to the Grandparents we had our family picture taken. It had been about four years since our last family photo, and seeing as Little Miss is two (the same age Princess was in our last family photo) it was about time.

How cute are these kids? I love this photo!

Yep, that's my boys for you. Stick = sword.

I wanted to get a photo of them "sword fighting"

because this is what they are always doing.

How sweet are these two?

Ya just gotta love her smile!

I really love this pose. Check out the two bookends. Silly geese!

Together Forever!

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Helena said...

These are just wonderful! The boys are so... big! Love the sword pic.