Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It Must Be Spring!

How do I know that it is Spring? Because there are caterpillars sitting on my kitchen counter. Well they were all caterpillars yesterday. Today they are all hanging from the top of the cup and forming chrysalids, so I guess they are pupating. I took a few pictures of Little Miss and the caterpillars yesterday.

Little Miss wanted a closer look and these strange crawly things.

I love her expressions.

Can't wait until we have butterflies! If you want some of your own visit Insect Lore.


Helena said...

Ooh. That would be cool. I will check it out.

golonghorns said...

What cute faces from Little Miss!

Eternal Helpmates said...

Little Miss loves to mug for the camera. Guess she gets that from her Uncle Dan. :P