Friday, October 17, 2008

The Boys Get It Wright

Last Saturday the boys had a really neat opportunity with their Cub Scout pack. They have a really great Cub Master who tries to have at least one outing a month. At one of the local municipal airports there is a group that has free airplane rides for youth once a month. There were different types of general aviation aircraft, including kit-built and commercial aircraft that they boys could see up close. Then they had the chance to go for a ride in one of the planes and get Young Eagle Certificates. Daddy went with them, as he is the Bear Den Leader, and took lots of good pictures and video.

Ar Force One - the World War II Era plane the boys flew in.
Checking out their wings.

Getting ready for take off.

Taxiing out to the runway.
Game Boy actually got to taxi the plane for a little bit. Cool stuff!
Here are some videos of the boys taxiing out and taking off.


Helena said...

How cool! They must have loved that.

golonghorns said...

Grandma VO says "Reminds me of my first plane ride, I tried to get them to do a barrel roll but they would only do a wing stand. Way to go!"

Aunt Jenni says "Looks like fun!"